Ceramic Wirewound Resistor

Ceramic wirewound resistors are a type of fixed resistor. Ceramic wire-wound resistors are composed of resistance wires wound on an insulating skeleton. Due to structural reasons, their distributed capacitance and inductance are relatively large, and they cannot be used in high- frequency circuits.

Ceramic wirewound resistors are mainly used in AC, DC circuits such as precision instruments, telecommunications instruments, and electronic equipment for voltage division, voltage reduction, current distribution, and load resistance.
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  • Wire wound Fuse Resistors FKN Features: 1.Good heat durability, low temperature coefficient, low noise, high load and power, nonflammability.Can be fusible during the stated time for protecting the circuit once working at the required overload voltage. 2.Operating ambient temperature :-55°C~+275°C 3.The surface is gray white nonflammable coating and indicate a white ring at the behind of the precision color ring. 4.Resistance tolerance:±5%,±10%.

  • Coated High Power Ceramic Tube Resistors Features: 1.Good overload and heat durability capacity, the use life is longer than the others. 2.The resistors surface is coated in green. 3.Operating ambient temperature:-55°C ~ +275°C. 4.Resistance tolerance: ±5%,±10%.

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