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  • Pulse Resistor SUR Features: 1.Good performance in moisture resistance,anti-oxidization,good thermal stability,nonflammabiliy,overload stability. 2.Operating ambient temperature:-55°C~+275°C. 3.The surface is nonflammable,the normal size coating is brickred and the small size coating is green. 4.Resistance tolerance:±2%、±5%.

  • Sliding Rheostat BX7D's principle is to tight lock constantan wire which is processed by oxidation and tnsuiatton on porcelain pipe, then fix the porcelainpipe on the metal protecting bracket. Sliding Rheostat(BX7D) can changethe value of rheostat by the rnoving of conductive electric brush of contacesystem on the surface of constantan wire. The hand-push style can be classified to single tube and doubie tube according to theircapablify.

  • Plate Rheostat BC uses the constantan wire or nichrome wire as theelements of resistance to circle on the framework of roundchinaware. Except tor the sliding surface, all the elements ofresistance are covered the thermostable enamel dope and conglutinated on the bottom plate of chinaware.

  • Braking Resistor Box Features: 1.Taking the use of force cooling,good performance in dissipating heat, and relatively smaller size; 2.With high stability and less drift under the circumstances of constant working; 3.Can meet the demand of 10KW-120KWx working current 1A-300A、volue of 1Ω-10kΩ; 4.We can acording to customer requirements to customize the resistance fixed or adjustable one;

  • Water Cool Resistor Features: 1.Suitable for high power rating overload,high power rating. 2.Small size,flowing water cools down,dissipation quickly 3.High good performance and stability,long used life.Can be made into water cooling resistor cabinet box.Or following the power rating,Can be made into Ceramaic type or copper tube type.

  • Ceramic Fuse Resistors Features: 1. Ceramic encased, perfect surge-proof, good safety performance. 2. Resistance fusing instantly when short circuit comes. 3. Ceramic package safe and reliable.

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