Shunt Resistors

A shunt resistors is an instrument for measuring DC current. It is made based on the principle that a voltage is generated across the resistor when the DC current passes through the resistor.

Shunt resistors are generally used to extend the current range with a fixed low resistance. Shunt resistors is usually connected in parallel with the moving coil of the ammeter or galvanometer. There are two types connected inside and outside the meter.

For motor test measurement, multiple current shunts are often configured for one ammeter to solve the problem of ensuring the required measurement accuracy over a large measurement range. At this time, it is required that the rated voltage drop of all shunts used is consistent with the ammeter provided.
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  • WOR Milli Ohm Wire Resistors Shunt Features: 1. Milli ohm. 2. Low inductance. 3. High stability. 4. It is custom-made.

  • FLQ54 Precision Sampling Resistors​ Features:FL-1 type shunt is made of precision alloy board .it s copper terminals spot welded by siller alloy ensure extremely high electriccapability.The construction provides a kind of excellent stability and high overloaded ability non-inductive resistor, applied widely ascurrent limit-ed,current balance or smpling sense in communication system.electric equipment and auto-controling electrical circuit.

  • FLQ53 Precision Sampling Resistors Features:This resistors of FLQ53 series is made of precision alloy board, applied as current limited, current balance or sampling sense in power supplier, takes on the capability of high stability and high overload, and the function of easily welding and non inductance as well.

  • FLQ52 Precision Sampling Resistors Features: 1.Power is 1, 2, and 3 watts 2.have±1% and±5% 3.Temperature coefficient of resistance wire W50PPM 4.The lowest resistance value can achieve OR005Ω 5.Spot welding structure, flame resistance 6.Inductance is less than 10 femto henry

  • FLQ51 Precision Sampling Resistors Characteristics: 1.Low resistance and low inductance. 2.Open frame structure. 3.High precision.

  • FLQ50 Precision Sampling Resistors Characteristics: 1.Low resistance and low inductance. 2.Open frame structure. 3.High precision.

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