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The resistor market with an annual capacity of 1 trillion pieces faces a new round of reshuffle

Vigorously develop special resistors

      In the face of increasingly fierce market competition, the development of special resistance products for the customized needs of mid-to-high-end industries is an important response strategy of manufacturers at present. Zhang Yuansheng said: "Product differentiation has always been a focus of Fenghua Hi-Tech in the development of resistors. Based on the research and judgment of industry applications, we will closely link downstream manufacturers to dig deeper into new product requirements and make the product line relatively rich. Future time In the future, Fenghua Hi-Tech will continue to improve and optimize the thick film technology platform and thin film technology platform, focus on accelerating the development of alloy technology, and use the three major technology platforms of thick film technology, thin film technology, and alloy technology to extend product technology to more areas. . "

       According to reports, in the near future, Fenghua Hi-Tech will increase investment in special products and increase the production capacity of special products to further enhance differentiated competitive advantages. The most important of these is thin film resistors, alloy resistors and thick film. Custom resistors on board. At present, Fenghua Hi-Tech provides products including thick film chip resistors, chip and lead network exclusion, thin film chip resistors, alloy resistors (CSR), thick film packaged diodes, thick film custom resistors and other products. Product size From 0402 to 6432, the resistance value ranges from 0.001Ω to 1GΩ, the precision of the film chip resistor reaches ± 0.01%, and the temperature drift coefficient reaches 5ppm.

      In the customized development of products, in response to the special needs of LED flexible light strips, special resistor products developed by Li Zhi Electronics have enhanced the characteristics of the electrodes, and the bending capacity is increased by 20% compared with the same products, which is more suitable for flexible circuit boards. For automotive electronic equipment, due to the harsh outdoor environment, the demand for special anti-sulfur products has increased year by year. For this reason, Lizhi Electronics has introduced anti-sulfide thick film chip resistors with excellent anti-surge voltage characteristics. For automotive, LED outdoor lighting, gas stations, chemical plants, mining and other equipment; and for power adapters, inverters, converters, LCD backlight circuits, camera flashes, high voltage thick film chips with operating voltages up to 3000V Resistor. At the same time, with a series of chip diodes and ESD products from Lizhi Electronics, we can provide customers with a complete set of optimization solutions.

      Vishay's key markets are automotive electronics, industrial, and high-end wireless interconnection. The industrial market includes alternative energy sources (such as solar and wind) and control units for large and medium-sized motor drives. Thomas Bluhm, senior director of product marketing for the company's Draloric / Beyschlag resistance product line, said that new or more stringent application requirements are reflected in: better pulse load endurance, higher rated power, higher rated voltage, smaller TCR and tolerances, exhaust gas tolerance and reliability are higher. For resistance manufacturers, the main challenge comes from controlling product costs, because improving product performance requires strengthening production management and using more advanced raw materials. Vishay's latest products include ultra-high precision thin film chip and MELF resistors with TCR as low as 2ppm / K and tolerances as low as 0.02%, high voltage thick films with a rated voltage of 1000V, thin film and MELF resistors, and double the rated power , Series resistance with higher exhaust gas resistance.