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Vishay Introduces New PLTT Precision High Temperature Thin Film Chip Resistors


        PLTT 0603, a precision high-temperature thin-film chip resistor from Vishay's AEC-Q200-certified 0603 case, has been rolled out and is available for external supply. Vishay Dale Thin Film PLTT 0603 resistors have an operating temperature range from -50 ° C to + 230 ° C, which is wider than traditional chip resistors by more than 100 ° C, absolute TCR is as low as ± 5ppm / ° C, and the tolerance after laser trimming is as low as ± 0.02 %.

       The resistor uses a stable film material, and its performance characteristics after 0.5 hours of working at 50% of rated power at + 175 ° C is 0.5%. It is suitable for low offset and high temperature automotive environment temperature compensation Noise single signal processing, such as exhaust gas detection. The device has reliable performance for drilling applications, high-precision oil and gas exploration, and telecommunications and industrial equipment.

        PLTT 0603 has a resistance from 250Ω to 150kΩ, which provides non-standard resistance. The noise of these devices is less than -30dB, the voltage coefficient is 0.1ppm / V, the power dissipation is from 150mW to 1W, and the maximum operating voltage is 75V ~ 200V. The PLTT series devices are also available in 0805, 1206, 2010, and 2512 form factors with resistances up to 3MΩ.