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Identification of membrane resistance and metal membrane resistance


Thin film resistors include carbon film resistors and metal film resistors. These two types of resistors are very common in circuits, especially carbon film resistors. This is a relatively common resistor with low cost. The production process is relatively easy to control.

General film resistor production process:
Film formation→Press cap→Binning→Groove→spot welding→painting→initial test→color ring→retest→selection→packaging

1. Carbon film resistor
The appearance color of the carbon film resistor is basically earth yellow, of course, there are other colors, such as pink.
The color ring of the carbon film resistor is four rings, the resistance range is 1Ω~10MΩ, the rated power is 0.125W, 0.25W, 0.5W, 1W, etc., and the accuracy range is ±10%, ±5%, ±2%.
Such resistors are generally large in size and often used in cheap products, such as power supplies and chargers. This type of resistance is not recommended for starting resistance because the impact resistance is relatively flawed.

2. Metal film resistor

Metal film resistors have high precision, small size, good stability, and high cost. They are usually used in wireless electronic equipment, especially in places where higher precision is required, and the appearance color is mostly blue.