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Control mode of DC load bank


The DC load bank is designed for deep discharge maintenance and capacity detection of battery packs. It is simple to operate and easy to move. It can be applied to various power plants, communication base stations, substations (substations), and battery manufacturers, and is suitable for various models and specifications. Battery. After parameter setting, automatic constant current control completes the capacity test of the battery pack.

Control mode of DC load bank:

1. Through the current adjustment knob, the discharge current can be accurately adjusted and set within the required range to achieve constant current discharge.

2. Set the protection voltage, discharge current, discharge capacity, and discharge duration of the entire battery through the keyboard.

3. The control part adopts imported high-power FETMOS tube and IGBT module, with high control accuracy.

4. Imported Hall sensor is used for current sampling, and the measurement is accurate.

5. Automatic shutdown function: Automatically stop the discharge when any one of the following conditions is met: time is up, capacity is up, and protection voltage is up.

6. Automatic alarm function: Automatically alarm when there is a high temperature or the battery pack connection is disconnected.

7 The power consumption components are made of special alloy resistors, produced by independent intellectual property patent technology, with high power density, no open flame, safe and reliable, and long life.

8. Integrated design of control circuit and power components, small size, easy to carry, forced air-cooled heat dissipation.