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The application and function of the aluminum shell resistor

Application field of the aluminum shell resistor
Power supply, frequency converter, servo and high requirements, long service life under harsh environment. Resistance tolerance is 10%, 5%, 3%, 2%, 1%, 0.5%. High power model assembly can be carried out as required. Special resistors can also be made according to customer needs, and can be combined into high-power or high-power resistance boxes.

Aluminum shell resistance manufacturer square wire wound resistor (winding resistance), commonly known as cement electric group, uses nickel, chromium, alloy resistance wire wound iron in alkaline heat-resistant porcelain parts and other materials with large resistance, external heat, humidity, no corrosion and protection. It is sealed with ceramic packaging, especially non flame cement filler. Their advantages are resistance accuracy, low noise, good heat dissipation effect and large power consumption. They are mainly used in the power level part of the amplifier. The disadvantage is that the resistance is small and the cost is high, but it is not suitable to use inductance in high-frequency circuits.

Function of aluminum shell resistor 
The role of aluminum in aluminum shell resistance is cooling. The aluminum metal in aluminum shell resistance is a group of atoms formed with lattice structure, and each atom has a layer (or more) of the shell of electronic components. In the case of electrons, the attraction and everywhere flow from the core to form an electron sea, so that the metal aluminum shell resistance can conduct electricity. When the applied potential difference (i.e. voltage) is applied to both ends of the metal, because it feels the influence of the electric field and the accelerated movement of free electrons. However, when the free aluminum electron collides with the lattice, the kinetic energy will be lost. In order to release the energy, the motion speed of the aluminum electron is the average drift speed, in the opposite direction and the electric field. Current can be generated due to drift motion. In reality, the material arrangement of atoms cannot be completely regular, so the way of electron flow will be arranged according to the law of atomic scattering, which is the source of aluminum shell electrical impedance.