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How to choose fusible resistors and thermistors?


How to choose fusible resistors and thermistors?

The fusible resistor has a protection function. When selecting, you should consider its dual performance, and select its resistance and power parameters according to the specific requirements of the circuit. It is necessary to ensure that it can be blown quickly when it is overloaded, and that it can work stably for a long time under normal conditions. Excessive resistance or excessive power may affect its function.

How to choose the Thermistor

There are many types of thermistors. Which type of thermistor should be chosen depends on the specific requirements of the circuit.Positive temperature coefficient (PTC) thermistors are generally used in compressor starting circuits of refrigerators, degaussing circuits in color picture tubes, overcurrent and overheat protection circuits, current limiting circuits, and constant temperature electric heating circuits.

The thermistors commonly used in compressor starting circuits are MZ-01~MZ-04 series, MZ81 series, MZ91 series, MZ92 series and MZ93 series. We can choose the right thermistor according to different types of compressors to achieve the best starting effect.

The degaussing thermistors used in color TV sets and computer monitors are MZ71~MZ75 series.

According to the working voltage (220V or 110V), working current and degaussing coil specifications of the TV and display, it is reasonable to select the degaussing thermistor with the parameters such as nominal resistance, maximum starting current and maximum working voltage. Flow low power PTC thermistors are MZ2A~MZ2D series, MZ21 series.When we use it as a motor overheat protection, a PTC thermistor can be used.PTC thermistor has MZ61 series.

The negative temperature coefficient thermistor (NTC) is generally used in various electronic products, generally used for microwave power measurement, temperature detection, temperature compensation, temperature control and voltage regulation.

When selecting, you should select the appropriate type and model according to the needs of the application circuit.

When the resistor is used for temperature detection, we can choose NTC thermistor with MF53 series and MF57 series. Each series has multiple models (the same type, different types of NTC thermistors, the standard resistance is not The same) is available for selection.

When the resistor is used for voltage regulation, we can choose NTC thermistor with MF21 series, RR827 series, etc. The thermistor voltage regulation value and working current can be selected according to the reference voltage value of the application circuit design.