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Chip Resistor Manufacturers and Suppliers - made in China - JDC. Welcome to our factory wholesale cheap Chip Resistor, we will provide you free sample, the best after-sale service and timely delivery time.
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  • Chip Resistor RMP2 Application range: Locomotive (battery, etc.), servo motor, amplifier, robot, power supply equipment, measuring equipment, inverter, etc. Packing quantity:500 pcs / roll.

  • Chip Resistor CS Features: 1.3 Watts power rating in 1 Wart size, 1225 package; 2. Low TCR of ±100ppm/°C; 3.Resistance values from 1m to10hm; 4.High purity alumina substrate for high power dissipation; 5.Long side terminations with higher power rating;

  • High Precision Chip Resistors PRM Features: 1.It can reduce the area and weight of the PCB for its small size and light. 2.Operating ambient temperature:-55°C~+125°C 3.High credibility: the thick metal film resistor body is added with glass protective layer and the three layers of electrode composition. 4.The appearance dimension is symmetrical and accurate for easy assembling. 5.Resistance tolerance:±0.1%,±0.25%,±0.5%.

Carbon Film Fixed Resistor, Aluminum Shell Resistor, High Voltage Resistor, Shunt Resistors manufacturers and suppliers - JDC. Welcome to our factory wholesale products, we will provide you the best after-sale service and timely delivery time.
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