Water Cool Resistor
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Water Cool Resistor

Water Cool Resistor Features: 1.Suitable for high power rating overload,high power rating. 2.Small size,flowing water cools down,dissipation quickly 3.High good performance and stability,long used life.Can be made into water cooling resistor cabinet box.Or following the power rating,Can be made into Ceramaic type or copper tube type.

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Product Description

Water Cool Resistor

Production name

Water Cooled Resistor

Power rating


Resistance value


Resistance tolerance

±1%, ±5%,±10%




1.Suitable for high power rating overload,high power rating.

2.Small size,flowing water cools down,dissipation quickly

3.High good performance and stability,long used life.Can be made into water cooling resistor cabinet box.Or following the power rating,Can be made into Ceramaic type or copper tube type.

4.Pass water first,then pass electric after the water flow enough.When close,off the power first,then close the water,to protect the resistor form damage.

5.Can made into non-inductive strcuture.

6.Environment temperature :-55125

7.Application in small installation space and high power requirement.

8.Widely used in IGBT circuit of high power electrical and electronic equipment as 

capacitor discharge.Also used for high power equipment partial voltage,triage and 

discharge circuit.

9.Inductive is low,can be used for medium frequency power electronic circuit.

10.Temperature raise slowly,high reliability and easy maintenance.

Cooperation partner

Samsung,lg, Taida,changhong,tcl,konka ,ect


1. For customer specifications,please contact us to discuss the details.

2. Different power rating owning multi weight ,dimension and packing .

3. More details, please contact us.

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