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The role of high voltage resistors

The synthetic wound high voltage resistors are RHR series high-power high voltage resistance devices. This resistor is mainly used in high-voltage circuits such as equipment and instruments as fixed resistances such as bleeder, voltage divider, filter and load. Main features: can withstand high power and high voltage, wide resistance range, high reliability and good stability. Main performance indicators: resistance range: 10kΩ~50MΩ, power range: 2~50W; resistance temperature coefficient: 10kΩ~1MΩ, less than ±1200ppm/℃, 1MΩ~50MΩ, less than ±1500ppm/℃; maximum operating voltage: 15kV~60kV ; Operating temperature: -40~+85℃.

The main function is to hinder the flow of current, which is used in current limiting, shunting, voltage reduction, voltage division, load and capacitor matching filters and impedance matching. Functions in digital circuits include pull-up resistors and pull-down resistors.