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The necessity of the load cases of daily inspection and maintenance

Current load case is the core of generator test system has been widely recognized in the market, the rapid growth in demand. Overall, mainly because the industry demand for generating set and the increasing demand for detecting unit for scientific maintenance.

Diesel generator set as emergency standby power after the blackout, most of the time in standby mode, once the power failure or malfunction occurs, standby diesel generator set will play a vital role. Often occurs in the power supply failure, however, before we found that there was a problem in the performance of the diesel generator set, this suggests that for many users, oil generating set inspection maintenance with the knowledge of the communication dummy load seriously enough.

Generator load system will China strengthen daily testing and maintenance of generator set, set up perfect generating unit testing and maintenance procedures, specification of generator set maintenance regularly, can effectively avoid the happening of blackout accident, make the enterprise from unnecessary losses.

Second, regular inspection generating set, can reduce the cost. In America, for example: generator testing on a regular basis, can make the original unit overhaul period delay 3 to 8 years, minor repair cycle had risen from the original 12 months to 18 months or so, not only greatly improve the availability of the unit, also reduce the maintenance cost

Generator set intelligent test platform, designed to solve common problems in the test, to provide users with a kind of can adapt to a variety of test requirements, be able to complete the test fast and efficient, a new test system of expansion potential.

Advantages of intelligent test platform for generator set

1. can adapt to the multi-voltage, multi-station unit testing needs, eliminating the user in multiple sets of testing equipment exchange tedious;
2. easy to use, save learning costs, improve use efficiency, reduce man-made misoperation;
3. Global redundancy design, fully consider the safety of the system in various working conditions;
4. unified maintenance and after-sales, the system can run safely for a long time, prolong the effective test time;

5. The system platform has upgradable space, convenient expansion, and long-term solution to unpredictable upgrade problems in the later stage.